“I’m really dumb when it comes to computers and the internet!”


I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard this from a new client!
Let me start by saying, our clients are NOT dumb!


I’m amazed at just how many new clients start their phone conversation with me by saying things like “I don’t know anything about websites” “I’m really not very good on the computer” or even “I’m really dumb when it comes to computers”.
These are mostly intelligent, competent business owners. So what is with that?


I don't understand computers!


I can empathise with them. We recently went through the process of having our office interior design done. We started by saying “We don’t know anything about interior design” and we were cautious and fearful of costs blowing out. We thought they might laugh at our tiny budget! What if we didn’t like what they designed? As it turned out we were thrilled with the plan we got from www.fitout.co.nz.


But these are all the same concerns our web clients approach us with.


I personally think that many players in the IT and web industries have been missing the point. For years technical speak has been used to frighten and control clients, and to create a technical class of ‘those in the know’.


The reality should be the opposite to this.
As a client you don’t want/need to know about linux apache mysql php hosting, ftp servers, domain registries A records MX records, xml sitemaps, search engine friendly architecture, html javascript and ajax. Please ignore that last sentence!!


We don’t talk to our clients about computers. Here are the things you DO know about, and these are the only things we talk about with you-


  • Who are your target market?
  • What are your core messages to them?
  • What do you want to achieve with your website?
  • How does your website fit into your overall conventional marketing?
  • How do you take your coffee?

See not a computer term in sight!