Check one Meta Title per day!


Check one Meta Title per day!

Meta Titles are the most important elements on your website when it comes to the search engines and Google. And you can manage them! Your task for the next three weeks is easy-


1 Bookmark in your calendar to check one Meta Title a day.


2 Open the admin and click on Manage Pages.


3 For each page click on edit, then the SEO button on the editor toolbar.


4 The Title MUST be unique to each page and should have good keywords relevant to the page content. The maximum length for a title is 6-10 words, no more than 70 characters (there is a count down next to the Meta Title field). For example “Christchurch Attractions & Activities – Golf, Dining, Wines, Dolphins”



The YouTube phenomenon, 3 things you have never seen.


The YouTube phenomenon, 3 things you have never seen.


YouTube is a video sharing website where you can watch, upload and share videos.


One example of how well established and important YouTube has become is how it caused the instant rise of Susan Boyle. YouTube video of Susan was viewed 100 million times in the first 9 days!


All the world is truly a stage now -







Spellcheck your website!


Spellcheck your website!

Spelling and grammar form part of the professional image of your business.
You wouldn’t want errors in your brochures or your business card, and your website is the same!


Here are 3 easy steps to check your website-


1 Open your live website


2 Make sure the MS Word spelling and grammar check is on. Copy and paste the content from each page into Microsoft Word. Spelling mistakes will be underlined in red, grammar in blue!


3 Fix any mistakes in your Surefire Design website content editor admin. (Make sure not to paste anything back from MS Word to the online editor in the admin. Online content editors and Search Engines REALLY don’t like content straight from MS Word, you need to use the paste as plain text button if you plan to do that).



Google Maps – plan your lunchtime run route!


Google Maps - plan your lunchtime run route!


Google Maps provide mapping technology through your web browser, with a dizzying array of features, tools and applications for viewing anywhere on the planet and finding your way around.


Ever wondered how far that run around the block is? Or how long it might take to walk at lunch time? Here’s a neat little feature of Google Maps.


1 Browse to and zoom in on your location.
2 Right click on the map for your start point and select Directions from here.
3 Right click at a destination along your way and select Directions to here.
4 Keep adding more points along your route by right clicking and selecting Add a destination.
5 Print out the route, turn by turn instructions, times and distances!