New quick and easy menu ordering


By now you may have noticed that your menu ordering system has been upgraded.


How it works
The new system is a “drag and drop” system; meaning all you need to do is use your mouse to click on a page and drag it to where you want it to be.


Why the change?
We identified the ordering of your website menu as a key activity that we could develop to be easier and faster for you to use.


The change has been several months in development and uses the latest technology. We are pleased to congratulate you on being one of our first customers to benefit from this new system, which is just one of a number of changes we are currently working on to improve your website management experience.


Ordering my website pages

Expanding and collapsing
These buttons effect what you see while you are re-ordering your menu.
You can choose to see ALL available files by clicking “Expand…” or just see the one’s on the base level of your menu by clicking “Collapse…”


Menu items with sub-pages are indicated by a small triangle on their left. Clicking on the triangle allows you to expand or collapse the item as illustrated below:

Moving pages around
Moving pages around is easy.
Simply locate the page you want to move, hold down the left click on your mouse and drag it to where you want to relocate it. You will notice a “thin blue line” showing you where your page will be positioned once you release your mouse.


While dragging a page, a green tick (or red cross) indicates whether the page can be moved to your target destination.


The best way to become familiar with moving pages around is to get in and have a go! – you won’t break anything, and your changes only save when you hit “SAVE”!

The example above illustrates the “web blog” page being moved from below “online shops” to between the “site re-design” and “maintenance” pages.


Archived pages, off-menu pages, and saving
A final few things worth a mention – to help you get the most from the new system…
Archived pages are listed in grey italics (these pages of course don’t display on your live website) e.g. NEW ZEALAND in the example below.


Your website may have a restriction on the number of base menu items (for example if you have a horizontal menu, this might only fix X number of menu pages). When this limit is exceeded this will be indicated by a dotted line and live pages that won’t display are grey e.g. CONTACT in the example below.


Finally, once you are happy with your changes, click the big green SAVE button! – or if you’re not happy, simply leave the manage menu order screen and your changes won’t be saved.





Put your web address on everything!


Put your web address on everything!

Seems obvious, but is your website address on everything?


Too many businesses with websites let them go to waste because they forget to put the URL on their own advertisements. Some of these depend on your business, but just go through this list and check them off-


* Business Card
* Letterhead
* Brochures
* Vehicle, signwritten or just bumper/window
* Business Signs
* Shop/Business Window
* Email signature
* Social networking profiles – eg Flickr, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc
* Branded company clothing / Uniforms / T-Shirts / Caps
* Yellow pages advert
* Newspaper adverts
* On your product – or at least on the packaging
* Magazine article or newspaper article – ask for your web address to be included
* On presentations – as a footer or on closing slide
* On your website – To help people remember your URL


If you have more suggestions we would love to hear them!



Talking pictures? How to get professional video on your website.


Video on websites has become more common since the increase in internet speeds. Video on the web has become familiar due to sites like YouTube playing 1 billion videos globally every day! Not to mention all the videos on websites, blogs and social networking sites.


Here are some Surefire Design Clients who have already made use of video in various ways (click to go take a look)-


Done properly a video or scripted slideshow can be a really efficient way of conveying information about your product, service and business. With our WebStart content management system videos can be embedded in your actual website pages!


Video can be as simple as “shoot it yourself” and upload to YouTube, or if you are going to the effort and cost of putting together a video, you want to make the most of your new piece of marketing material. That is where Surefire Design work in partnership with providers like


A number of our clients have used with great results. They provide a range of quality package options starting from $550 and going up to multi day location shoots. They don’t stop there however, making your video part of your overall search engine optimisation strategy, and can provide the following-


    • The video plays on your own website (Surefire Design will happily load that for you)
    • Your video not only appears on your own site but they cleverly video SEO optimise, promote and market your video for you on major internet video sites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video and Google Video



We cleverly video SEO optimise, promote and market your video for you on major internet video sites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video and Google Video bring new customers to you.

  • They can send your video or you can place your video anywhere that allows it. For instance footer links, email newsletters, Facebook and other social networking sites.
  • They can promote your video on targeted websites and video advertising networks.
  • Videos can be placed on DVDs.
  • Monthly reporting on traffic viewing your video.


If you are considering video, then give Mike (North Island), David or Peter (South Island) a call for a free consultation at 0800 888 434, or through their website and be sure to let them know you are a valued Surefire Design customer!



Looking around for Accounting or IT help?


It seems to us that every business we deal with, no matter what size, needs good IT support and a good accountant!


We deal with some great clients here at Surefire Design and wanted to share them with you! (in alphabetical order)…


Acumen Accountancy –
Acumen Accountancy


Essential Networks Group Ltd –
Essential Networks Group Ltd


J.I.T –


Pure Financial Services –
Pure Financial Services


Searells Chartered Accountants –
Searells Chartered Accountants


Simple Strategies –
Simple Strategies