Create an FAQ page!


Create an FAQ page!

An FAQ page is a web page used to answer frequently asked questions your clients want to know when choosing your products / services. It can help remove barriers as well as cut down on repetitive queries by offering visitors information before they ask a question.


The additional benefit of an FAQ is that it’s an easy way to add new and relevant content. And Google loves that! So for the next three weeks -


1 Create a new FAQ page in your admin.


2 Each day think of a question you get asked often by your customers. Write the question in bold on the FAQ page and below it write a brief explanation. In three weeks you will have 15 short paragraphs of content!



Put down the newspaper – 10 alternatives


Put down the newspaper - 10 alternatives

In the early days of the internet we were told we would read the news on our computers, and be able to filter that news to the topics and information we were interested in.


Welcome to the future!


1 New Zealand news from The Press to the Dominion Post – all your national & regional news.


2 Listing of 10000 newspapers from around the world, searchable by country and then by publication.


3 All the news links on Poultry and Related Industries worldwide.


4 Breaking & Daily News, Sport & Weather | TV ONE, TV2 | TVNZ


5 Times Newspapers Online


6 Sign in to add a section with stories recommended for you, by using search history.


7 Get the latest BBC World news: international news, features and analysis from Africa, Americas, South Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.


8 delivers the latest breaking news and information on the latest top stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, and more.


9 Your rugby portal with all the latest news on Rugby events.


10 Follow the news as it happens through: special reports, videos, audio, photo galleries plus interactive maps and timelines.