You need a free Finda Listing!


You need a free Finda Listing!

We aren’t plugging any particular online directory, but frankly you SHOULD at least have a free Finda listing (which is part of the Yellow Pages Group) for your business. is New Zealand’s fastest growing business directory with over 225,000 businesses online and 500,000 unique visitors every month. is a local search solution helping Kiwis find the businesses with the product or services they need.


More to the point – Finda is an official data provider to Google in New Zealand, providing Google with local business data which Google uses for its Google Places listings.


Here’s what you need to do -


1 Browse to and use their search to see if you are already listed there.


2 If you aren’t listed in finda, click on the “Add your business for free” button on the home page.



Where in the world are you searching


Where in the world are you searching

Ever wondered about the difference between and
Or what happens when you tick that box “pages from New Zealand”?


This is all part of the different flavors of Google regional search results out there. There isn’t just ONE Google and its quite possible to have this scenario -


On, ‘pages from New Zealand’, we are number 1.
On, ‘the web’, we are number 5 or so.
On, ‘pages from Australia’, we are number 1.
On, ‘the web’, we aren’t anywhere significant.
On, we aren’t anywhere significant for either site.


It is actually even more complicated than that… these results are skewed because we are viewing Google physically from New Zealand!


Search results on are quite different when you view from the USA or any other country.


At the end of the day there is no way to avoid doing the basics well. Work on those Meta Title and Descriptions.


Be aware of your key search phrases you are trying to achieve well with in the searches. Continue to add keyword rich, on topic, interesting content for Google and other visitors to find and link to.