Write one news item!


Write one news item!

People love stories, and customers and suppliers are probably more interested in you than you think. After all business is largely about relationships. So why not write a news item for the website, Google will love the new content too.


1 Think of a positive story about your business or a customer you have dealt with. It doesn’t have to be long, and should be written just as if you were speaking to someone.


2 Create a News page on your website through the admin, and write your short news story there.


3 Be sure to links to “Our News This Month” from your home page. No point writing an article if noone can find it! Only put the date if you are disciplined and bookmark in your calendar to write a new item regularly. (Hint, try writing several articles at one time, so you have them ready for when it is time to change).




Has Twitter Peaked?


Has Twitter Peaked?

Twitter. Yes even the name is annoying.
Twitter membership has grown at a phenomenal rate.


In short – it’s free to join and you can post as many Tweets (140 characters of text) as you like. That’s all you really need to know.


People read your profile and decide to become one of your followers.


These people receive every 140 character gem that you choose to broadcast to them.


As of 2010 it seems celebrities are doing well with Twitter, only time will tell if Twitter will stand the test and become a serious component to the average business web marketing strategy. If you have time on your hands, shouldn’t you be off updating your Meta Tags instead!?



Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.


Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking gun.

Never before in history have we voluntarily given away so much information about our personal lives.


Now we effortlessly share our thoughts, location, images, and intentions, without giving it a second thought.


The following scenario is probably not as far from reality as you might think for a wired up plugged in modern tech junkie (for the record this isn’t me!) -

6am wake up, login to iGoogle and check calendar of events for the day, make some updates and automatically send notifications off to interested parties.
7.30am eat breakfast and login to read customised news items only on topics of interest, email links to friends and family.
7.52am watch ‘most viewed’ videos on YouTube from last 24 hrs, send links to (disinterested) parties.
8.15am sitting on the bus fire off some original thoughts for the day on Twitter to 72 followers.
9am start work computer and respond and confirm work calendar meetings and events.
9.10am login to Facebook and catch up on what various friends have been saying/doing for the last 12hrs, see photos of Mum and Dad on holiday in Australia.
9.30am upload photos to Flicker from the weekend.
10am back on Facebook replying to comments made about Flicker photos and Tweets from the morning.
11.04am confirm 4 new Facebook friends and 2 new LinkedIn business contact requests.
11.55am check smartphone to see the GPS locations of friends at lunch and head to the café they are at.



Put up a team photo!


Put up a team photo!

As kiwis we can be a bit shy about having our photos put on our websites.


The benefit however is that new clients can get a nice personal feel for who your team are, and some idea of who they may meet.


1 Get the team together for a group shot.


Choose a neutral background preferably in natural light (outside on an overcast not too sunny day may be good).

Have a good laugh and get someone to take a lot of digital photos. Hopefully there will be one you can use!


2 Upload the photo to a Meet The Team page on the website.