Getting great holiday snaps just got easier – 7 Tips to get more out of digital photography…


Getting great holiday snaps just got easier

Here’s just a few handy tips to help you get more out of your digital camera over the holiday season!


1 – Sharp photo’s
Good photo’s are inevitably sharp and in focus; that means keeping your camera as still as possible. While a tripod is the best solution, it’s not always the most practical. An easy way to steady the camera is to ensure you always use two hands (making sure your fingers aren’t in front of the lens!). Often making use of the optical viewfinder can help you steady the camera.


2 – Sunlight
Serious photographers know that the best time to take a landscape photo is 30minutes either side of sunrise or sunset. The rest of us who prefer a late start in the holidays will have to settle for making sure we try to keep the sun at our back!


3 – Simple Composition
An easy way to think about composition is to use the rule of thirds. Imagine your photo is overlaid with a noughts & crosses board (some camera’s even allow you to overlay these gridlines!). Use the lines to organise elements of your photo e.g. an object in the right third of the photo rather than centre, or the horizon line being in the bottom third rather than middle – you’ll often find using the thirds as guidelines results in a more interesting and better photo…


4 – Use your preview
The biggest advantage that the age of digital photography has brought us is the ability to review photo’s immediately after we’ve taken them. Don’t forget that when you’re previewing your photo, that almost all photo’s look sharp on a small screen, so use your zoom to see if your photo is as nice and clear as you’d like it!


5 – Always carry spares
It may seem like stating the obvious, but it’s always worth making sure you have a spare memory card, and a fully charged spare battery(s).


6 – Backups
You don’t want to lose your treasured memories when your computer is going haywire (as they sometimes do). It’s important to do an external backup, usually to CD or DVD’s or an easier option is to get a portable hard drive. You can get a pretty sharp price on portable hard drives these days and of course you can even have it delivered direct to your door:


7 – Printing your digital photos
There are a number of options from taking your memory card in to a store (Harvey Norman, The Warehouse, your local camera shop), to doing it all from the comfort of home. allows a vast array of printing options from photo’s to canvas prints to mugs with reasonable pricing and regular discounts. It also makes a great way to backup your photos securely online (you can even share your online albums with friends and family).


Happy holidays!