Check your Finda listing. Step by step subscribe free to Finda.


We aren’t plugging any particular online directory, so if you don’t know why you should subscribe to Finda read the article ‘Why your business MUST be on Finda‘.


Check your Finda Listing then Register


* Browse to


* Search for your business to check if you are there! Put your business name in ‘I’m looking for’… and your location in ‘Located In’…. and click FIND.


* Not there? Click on REGISTER at the very top right hand corner of the site. Follow the registration process.


* Surprised to find your business listed? Check your details. If you didn’t create this account, get in touch with Finda and get access to update your details!


TIP: Take a look at the Finda 10 tips to get the most our of your listing.



Why MUST your business be on Finda?


We aren’t plugging any particular online directory, but frankly you SHOULD at least have a free Finda listing (which is part of the Yellow Pages Group) for your business. is New Zealand’s fastest growing business directory with over 225,000 businesses online and 500,000 unique visitors every month. is a local search solution helping Kiwis find the businesses with the product or services they need.


Why MUST your business be on Finda?

This is the IMPORTANT part -


Finda is an official data provider to Google in New Zealand, providing Google with local business data which Google uses for its Google Places listings.


What does that mean? When you search on Google Maps for New Zealand pages, and you see information on local businesses and pins on the map, that information has probably come from Finda. It’s simple really, get your information in Finda and your business will appear on Google Map searches.


Here’s what you need to do -


1 Browse to and use their search to see if you are already listed there.

2 If you aren’t listed in finda, click on the “Add your business” button on the home page.

3 Seriously, do it today!