Put up a team photo! (update contact details)


Put up a team photo! (update contact details)Starting with Contact Details. When was the last time you checked your contact phone numbers, address details and postal details on the website?


Take a quick minute and do that now!
The quickest way for people to make contact with you is through your website. Finding where businesses have moved to has become even more important.


For everyone else, now would be a good time to check who the contact people are on your website, as staff changes and re-organisation go under the radar throughout the year.


Speaking of staff changes. As kiwis we can be a bit shy about having our photos put on our websites.


The benefit however is that new clients can get a nice personal feel for who your team are, and some idea of who they may meet.


1 Get the team together for a group shot.
Choose a neutral background preferably in natural light (outside on an overcast not too sunny day may be good).
Have a good laugh and get someone to take a lot of digital photos. Hopefully there will be one you can use!


2 Upload the photo to a Meet The Team page on the website.





Clearly state what you do!


Clearly state what you do!Browsing for products or services these days tends to involve opening quite a number of websites in multiple tabs in the browser. Then a process of closing most of them and looking deeper into a select few that remain. I know this is the process I use.


This means you have seconds to clearly display -

a) what you do/provide
b) who you provide it to.


If the visitor can’t ascertain answers to these two basic questions, your website is history to them.


If I’m a home user and your site looks like it only deals with Corporates, I’m not interested. Likewise if it looks like you only deal with Skis and nothing on snowboards, I will assume I can’t find what I’m looking for.


Have a read of your home page title and text.

How easily can you answer a) and b)?


All is not lost. It doesn’t need to be a big deal. It may be time to tweak that About Us paragraph on the home page to be a bit more specific about your services, or the area you service, or how you provide solutions to Home Users, Small Business and Corporates. You will be surprised what a difference changing some headings can make to more clearly stating what you do! e.g. ‘Providing Residential Building Materials Direct To The Trade’.


Google will like it too!


Top tip – In additional you might want to work into the text your geographical region or even local suburbs that you service. More often these days people are making searches and including geographical references. Try putting your city or even local suburb names into your content as a search phrase.