Do I need a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialist?


Do I need a Search Engine Optimisation Specialist?The answer is – it depends on what you want to achieve.
The first question to ask yourself is – Am I trying to reach new customers through the search engines with my website? Or is my website primarily aimed at my existing client base, providing them with information and a contact point.


Websites should always provide credibility, a professional representation of your brand, clear contact information and clearly state what you do. But not everyone is looking to reach the far uncharted corners of the world with their site.


All Surefire Design clients receive some SEO training and our newsletters reinforce those core messages. These are the SEO things you can (and should) do yourself. Every site should have a reasonable level of optimisation to be found by existing clients and reinforced with other marketing efforts and advertisements.


If you are in a very competitive industry, and/or have a very specific market you want to reach online, its a very different story. This is when you need to know exactly what you want to optimise for. I.e. Which search phrases are the ones you really want to rank well for. Then it is a whole new level of optimisation and measurement well beyond simply writing content with keywords, meta titles and descriptions.


The trouble is, anyone can call themselves an SEO specialist. You need to know what they plan to achieve. It is particularly easy to optimise a website for key phrases that aren’t competitive, achieving rankings on page one. Likewise traffic can be artificially increased by optimising for particularly broad terms. On the face of it this can all look great. The reality is if it doesn’t translate into conversions then it is a waste of time! You need to hit your target market and increase the traffic from that group.


We don’t optimise our site for just “design” as this can cover design of anything at all. It could also get traffic from people seeking design training in many areas.


So in short, before you start thinking about optimising, or even talking to an SEO specialist, the reality is you need to know what it is your target market search for. You need to know your target market’s language. You may even want to talk to some of your clients to find out how they think.