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Order your customer Fav Icon todayWhat is a Fav Icon? I hear you ask.


Fav icons are cute little images you have probably seen but not really noticed.


They are a VERY small image that we can upload to your website, but they don’t display on the site. When visitors come along it downloads to their browser and displays in different places.


It depends on the browser and version your visitor uses as to where the icon displays. Traditionally it is just displayed in the address bar before your web address http://www. With the advancement in browsers they are being used in more places.


In Internet Explorer when you open a new tab, your most used sites are displayed…
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Shown here in the traditional Address Bar, and also in the Favourites Tab…
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In Chrome it displays on the web page tab…
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Top 7 ways to market your website


Top 7 ways to market your websiteMarketing in general can feel overwhelming for many small businesses. It can be comforting to know that there are a finite number of things you can do and its not just the territory of the big boys. This article isn’t a huge list of ways to market your website but rather some categories to ponder and learn more about. At least by the end you will know the major areas of website marketing you can consider putting your energies into.


Search Engine Strategies

Good old SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It’s always number one, because you can’t beat ranking high for ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ searches in the search engines for your chosen search phrases. Assuming your search phrases are the correct ones to hit your target market.


So all those goodies like Meta Tags, nice descriptive page headings and subheadings, search phrases in the first paragraph on the page, CONTENT over 250 words on a page, image alt tags. The list goes on and you can find blog articles here on all of these.


Some you may not have thought of are – search phrases in link text, key phrase optimised videos on YouTube, register for Finda and Google Places. How about making sure you mention the local place names, business hubs or suburbs you service on your website, even going to the extent of creating a page on each?
But the point is, you aren’t wasting your time learning a little about SEO and putting it into practice.


Linking Strategies

Links TO your website drive traffic, and best of all Google loves them. Links from trusted, popular sites help your site rank higher than links from lower traffic sites. But they are hard to get and take time to build up. Listing on directories is an obvious one, but how about checking for any industry related sites that you should get your link on. Email them and ask! Another under-used strategy is to ask visitors to bookmark your website.


Social Media

Love it or hate it, the impact of social media sites on the new generation and their/our behaviours can’t be ignored. The full effect of social media sites on organic web searches is yet to be seen too. So it is time to at least start understanding the terms – Blog, Forum, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Google Bookmarks.


Traditional Strategies

Is your web address on your premises sign? Why not?


Stationery, business cards, car signage, hopefully all obvious. If you have traditional print media that works, make sure you add your website. Direct mail, postcards, they all still have a place in directing clients to more information on your site.


Email Strategies

You should have an email signature at the bottom of every email you send. Preferably with your logo, contact details and a link to your website. This can even included special offer information or links to Youtube videos.


Miscellaneous Strategies

Run a competition and tell your clients. People love free stuff and it gets them to your website. Being lucky enough to have an accidental viral campaign is a bit like winning the lottery. But keep it in mind for that day you get video of the cutest cat in the history of the Internet meowing Vivaldi’s four seasons.


Paid Advertising

And finally we come to the last category. If you want to, there are plenty of ways to spend money marketing your website. My only words of caution are measure measure measure. You MUST measure what it is costing for each conversion. Views, exposures, click-throughs are all meaningless if it doesn’t increase your actual sales. And you NEED to calculate what each extra sale has cost you in paid advertising. This is called Return On Investment (ROI). Simple as that.


That said, you can learn about (1) traditional CPM (cost per thousand views), (2) pay per click (PPC), and (3) pay per action (PPA) or cost per action (CPA) approaches. Examples of the latter are affiliate program and lead generation programs.


There is no wrong and no right in website marketing. Try something, measure, check your ROI and tweak whatever you are doing until you see some change.


Got to the end of the list and feeling overwhelmed?
Feel free to have a chat with our in house experts, call 03-3770108.