How to find out what your customers search for


How to find out what your customers search forWe are all wanting that elusive balance that produces quality traffic to your website – from your target market.


We know broad search phrases can deliver large amounts of traffic, but a big percentage of that traffic is irrelevant to your cause. We also know optimising for longer search phrases narrows your traffic to a much more targeted group of searchers, much more likely to be your target. But how do you find out what you should be optimising for to reach your intended customers? You have two options.


1) Educated guess. That’s not a joke. You may be really in touch with your customers, and be really aware of how they describe you, and what they are likely to be searching for.


2) Ask them. Choose a good select group of trusted customers, and send them an email saying the following – “What would you type in Google, to search for a business with services like ours?”. An associate of mine who is a Computer IT Consultant was devastated to discover four out of five customers he asked, would search for him as a “computer technician”! If I were him, I’d bury my pride and start optimising my website with this jewel of information.


3) Use an expert. The inputs are key to optimising anything from your website or Youtube channel or Social Media, up to and including your conventional marketing channels too. Some well done market research from someone independant to your business could be money really well spent.