What is sticky website content?


Sticky Content


Wikipedia sums it up nicely “Sticky content refers to content published on a website, which has the purpose of getting a user to return to that particular website or hold their attention and get them to spend longer periods of time at that site.”


It depends how your website is positioned. You may just want people to find your site, and ring you. You may just want people to check out your website for credibility in support of other marketing material.


If however you want people returning to your website on a regular basis, you need to think of what will make them return.


It might be that providing an eCatalogue (products and categories online, without the shopping cart and purchase facility) will bring clients back to the site regularly to check out product offerings or specifications.


Instructional videos, even 30 second home made ones, can be a resource clients return for.


If you are a service based industry, regularly update your portfolio or case studies.


News. Treat your website as your press release room. If there is something different of interest featured on the home page each time clients visit, it creates anticipation and expectation.


Think about what makes you go back to certain websites. Think about what would bring you back to your website.