Check out the competition online & undercover.



Check out the competition online & undercover.

It’s one thing to know what key search phrases you want to optimise your own site for.


It is quite another to know what your competitors are trying to rank for.


There are some clever little tricks where you can check websites in your industry to see their search engine optimisation efforts. For a start you can quickly see what their Meta Titles are on pages on their website.


*  In older versions of Internet Explorer, the Meta Title appears in the blue header of the window it’s open in.


*  Internet Explorer 9 and up, Firefox and Chrome, mouse over the tab the webpage is on. This shows the Meta Title (and the URL in IE).


*  Right click and select View Source in any IE version and you can see the actual Meta Title between <title> tags, Meta Description in a tag that starts with <meta name=”description”…, and also the keywords (although Google doesn’t look at this field anymore).


*  Firefox and Chrome you right click and select View Page Source to do the same thing.



Try to avoid clicking on content and images, click in space or on the background outside the website. Take a look at multiple pages and you should get a feel for what they are trying to optimise their site for. Then test those searches in the search engine and see where they turn up. If their Meta Titles are short, or all the same, then you know they aren’t doing a great job. Likewise if their Meta Descriptions are short, all the same, or non-existent, they shouldn’t be hard to beat!