Website Spring Clean



Website spring clean


Ok it may not actually be Spring, far from it! But now is always a great time to Spring Clean your website regardless of the weather.


There are lots of little things you can do to blow away the cobwebs. Where to start can be a problem. We’ve made it easy, here is a checklist to make sure you touch on all the important things.


*  Your home page is the most important page when it comes to telling the Google search engine what you do. It is also the page most likely to show up first in the search engines. You may not have time to go through the Meta Titles for your whole site, but at least go and take a look at your homepage Meta Title. Make sure it has the important search phrases towards the front, is unique, is close to 70 characters.


*  Next look at your homepage Meta Description. Remember this shows up as the summary on the Google search page, so write it as if you are directly making an offer to a client. Mention your location, your service or products, and how you would love to help them find what they need.


*  Check the headings on your homepage in particular. Are your search phrases appearing in headings across your site?


*  Take a look at your homepage and make sure there is a clear call to action. Do you tell the visitor how to learn more (draw them into the site) or how to contact you?


*  Glance over contact pages and staff profiles. Remove anyone that has left, including their email address if it appears anywhere. If you have time, add the new people.


*  If you make use of galleries, upload a few new images. If you can, add a whole new exciting gallery on a new product or category.


*  Add a few new images across the site. Some cool stock images or something snapped on your iPhone, either way new images freshen things up. Don’t forget to complete the Alt Text field for Google image searches!


*  This list wouldn’t be complete without reinforcing how important it is to be adding new content on a regular basis for Google to stay interested and keep ranking you nice and high. After all content is king.






Stuck creating content?



Stuck creating content


Maybe now it is time to create some new solid content. If you are stuck, all is not lost. Here is a process to help demystify the task. Either way don’t wait, after all content is king.


So how do we begin to create content from a blank page? This is my simple approach!


Absolutely first of all, have in mind your key 3-4 key search phrases that you want to use to optimise your overall site. If you have these in mind or written down, they will naturally appear in your content and this is what Google wants to see.


1 Plan the content you are going to make. I find it difficult to pull content from thin air. But if I plan what I’m going to say on 4-5 pages, I know what I need to generate.


2 Ask yourself a question. Let’s say you have planned pages called About Us and Services. Start by asking yourself a question as if a client has rung you on the phone. Questions such as ‘how do you guys operate and what territory do your team cover?’, ‘What services do you provide and what size businesses do you generally work with?’.


3 Once you have asked these normal everyday questions, simply answer them! You could answer these naturally if someone were to phone you, so write that answer down. Turn the questions into sub headings – ‘Territory we cover’. Writing in your own personal manner can be really appropriate for content on websites for small and medium size businesses. This depends on a little on your industry. Mostly we don’t all have to write content trying to sound like some high flying marketing corporation. At the end of the day, it’s about good, useful information for your clients. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind while creating content.


*  Write for the customer personally

*  Keep paragraphs short, 3-4 lines

*  Use Sub Headings

*  Write short sentences

*  Keep your keywords and search phrases in mind

*  Add little bits of content regularly over time and Google will love you!





Create a Links Page Today


Here is a links page strategy ready to go.

Everyone knows relevant links into your website are like gold dust. Not to the same level, but links within your site and out of your site can also contribute.


Google doesn’t want to just see links of any quality. It really likes it when sites with similar or associated topics are linked together, and when the link text also supports the search phrases of the site. So these are really good quality hand crafted links. The bonus is this is really good content for Google and it is real content that is useful to your site visitors.
Here is a bit of a template on how to tackle creating your links page.


1) Make a list of links. It is best to select sites that are on a related topic to your website. These shouldn’t be general generic links like ‘’. Rather they should be industry body sites, Government sites, supplier sites (if there is no conflict of interest), clubs, related industry sites. For instance if I’m on a builders site, I might want to see links to some recommended architects or EQC!


2) Use a simple formatting system to keep the page looking consistent. To get the page indexed by Google you do need to get more than 200 words on the page ideally, so a short description will really help. It also makes more sense to visitors, rather than just a list of links off somewhere. Something along these lines-


* Text heading with your search phrase in it. Make this text a link to the page. This is the bit that helps Google recognise your search phrases. Learn how to do that here – make sure they open in a pop up window – You don’t want links opening in the same window as your website. Your visitors will simply browse away from your site. With a popup link, your site stays in the background for later.


* Take a few lines of text from the page you are linking to. Paste this in or use it for inspiration. Learn about pasting as plain text here –


*Put in the actual link so people can see where it will go.


* Repeat!



Here is an example to follow-

Nice Heading For the Page Using Your Search Phrase

Here are some links we hope are useful for your search for items related to your search phrase.

NZ Government Employment Services Your Search Phrase

Find out about assistance available when hiring a new employee, or offering work experience – from apprenticeships to on-the-job training. Find out how Work and Income works with businesses to help you fill vacancies. Find out what Modern Apprenticeships are and whether they are right for your workplace.

NZ Government Employment Services Your Search Phrase

Find out about assistance available when hiring a new employee, or offering work experience – from apprenticeships to on-the-job training. Find out how Work and Income works with businesses to help you fill vacancies. Find out what Modern Apprenticeships are and whether they are right for your workplace.






Update your website calls to action


Update your website calls to actionIf you are unsure about calls to action read our blog article “What is a ‘call to action’?”


Now you know what they are, how do you go about updating them? Actually it is common sense. Decide what you want. Are you driving new contacts through the site, are you providing product info for new clients? Is your product or service quite plain and clear and needs no further explanation? Do people need to read about you and check details like pricing before contacting you? Are you selling directly from the website?


Take a look at your home page. Identify areas where you can change existing text to be more effective calls to action. Headings and sub-headings are great ones. Changing from “Welcome to XYZ Products” to “Contact Us Online For XYZ Products” or “Call 0800 888 8888 For XYZ” gives more instruction to a visitor. Watch this video if you are unsure about creating/editing these.


Look for ends of paragraphs or existing sentences to make into links to draw a visitor further into your website. It can be a natural progression to click on “To learn more about our range of xyz products click here >>”. Be sure to make the whole sentence a link. Learn more about creating links here


Calls to action aren’t limited to the homepage. If you have directed visitors to key information pages within your site you may give an action instruction on these too. Something bold at the bottom of the page may say -


“Contact Us Online >>”

and link to your contact form.


“Call 0800 888 8888 to order now”


or even something like

“View our Gallery >>”


By just using some common sense and tweaking what is already there, you can make your website a little bit more effective at changing visitors to customers.






Put a video testimonial on your website


Put a video testimonial on your websiteHaving a real client say real things about your product or service for 15-30 seconds is very convincing.


And with the ease of taking these clips on smart phones and digital cameras, you can do this yourself.


Once you have your video, follow these steps on creating a YouTube account and inserting video into your website.