Discover services Google provides businesses for free.

Discover services Google provides businesses for free.Mention Google and most people think of the Search Engine.
Some people may also think of Gmail, and others might even think of the Google operating system Android that is appearing on smart phones, tablets and other devices.


Dig a little deeper and you realise they do quite a lot more than that.


Google has a suite of online applications specifically designed to help businesses. You can take a look at them all here


Here are three that caught my eye.


Google Places – Formally called Local Business Centre and recently revamped and updated. Not only mark your business on the map for Google Map searches, but provide business information, post offers and live updates and check out your performance dashboard.


Google Site Search – Put a Google search box on your website and enable visitors to search just your site. Powered off Google search results.


Google Friend Connect – Interestingly this looks like a social network literally on your website. I’m struggling to think exactly what kind of business website this is appropriate for! But there may be something interesting in the Social Gadgets they mention.


To get access to these applications, you need to sign up for a free Google Account here


If you have a Gmail or Google+ account, you already have access!