Image resize and cropping. How to?

All you want to do is crop the product photo to a square for uploading right?
You open photoshop only to find out that 30 day trial you downloaded has run out!
How do you easily resize and crop your images?


You aren’t alone. So here I am reviewing two free drawing programs and giving you links on where to get them.


These are third party programs, downloaded from websites Surefire Design have no affiliation with, so please be aware we cannot endorse or guarantee these products in anyway other than give our opinions, and cannot be held responsible for anything bad that might happen if you do use them. There, does that sound scary enough? In other words, use your common sense like you would with anything else from the internet!


1) If you want to just resize and change the quality of images.


My choice here is a free program called PIXresizer. It doesn’t get simpler than this-


  • Load your image
  • Pick a size you want
  • Choose the file format (usually jpg)
  • Hit save!


This is the site we downloaded it from
Or Google search for “PIXresizer download”.


This is all there is to the user interface-

2) If you want to crop, edit, resize and change the quality of images.


I’ve looked at a lot of free image software, FastStone Image Viewer really impressed me.
The user interface felt funny at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. Rather than stepping you through sequentially, you click on buttons to do the next thing i.e. if you want to edit etc.


We downloaded it from
Nice looking interface too-
FastStone Image Viewer

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