Should I set a Meta title on each page?

If you’re looking to increase your website traffic from search engines like Google, then the answer is YES!


The Meta title is the indisputable single most important “on page” factor influencing how your website ranks in search engines.


What does this actually mean and how do I improve my rankings?


“on page” factors are changes you can make directly to your website and the most important one is the Meta title (one of the SEO fields in the online editor).


The simplest way to start improving your search engine rankings is to use carefully considered “keyphrases” optimised for each page on your website.


By this we mean writing a phrase made up of 3-5 keywords that are appropriate to your webpage content, while considering the sort of search query you’re looking to improve your rankings on. In this way your meta title helps google to correctly index your page for it’s key phrase topic.


Being able to create unique meta Titles on each page of your website helps you to create a broader pool of keywords for the search engines to respond to.


Conversely, using the same meta Title on each page means you devalue the effectiveness of that keyphrase and lose the opportunity that multiple keyphrases can give you.

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