Step by step insert video into your website!

Step by step insert video into your website!Putting a YouTube video into a page on your website using the Surefire Design content management system isn’t particularly difficult, but you need to take a little care…


Sign up for a free YouTube account at, and follow their instructions to upload your clip.


Then browse to your clip in YouTube. You will see (for all clips on YouTube) there is a button for Share, and then Embed.


Click on this and it will show the code that we want to copy and paste into the editor.
Select the code in the Embed box and copy.


1. Open your website page in the WebStart editor.


2. In the spot where you want to put the video, type something you will recognise when we start looking through the code… personally I type *******.


3. Then click on the ‘Source’ button on the toolbar. This will show you the actual html code for the page.


4. VERY CAREFULLY look through the html code for the ******* you typed. Delete the ******* and making sure the cursor is in the right place, right click and select paste. This will drop in the code you copied from YouTube.


5. Press the ‘Source’ button again to get back to the usual view. You should see the video embedded in the content now! If it isn’t… do NOT save the page. Go out and start again.