Ask for links to your website!

Ask for links to your website!

Links TO your website are highly effective in improving your standing with Google.


However quality beats out quantity.
Suppliers and Clients with websites can be a really good source of relevant links related to your product or service.
And Google can tell the difference.


Here are some ideas for getting links to your website -


1 Blog comments – If you comment on blogs related to your business, try to include your website address (often the blog may ask for your ‘website’). Then the comment that you made will give you one backlink (provided that you entered your URL in the “Website” field).


2 Forum Signature Links – At first, links from forum signatures won’t do much because of the small number of your posts, but when you manage to get a lot of posts, they will serve their purpose. Remember not to spam just to get lots of posts! Search engines are all about new and unique content (so don’t spam forums!)


3 Link Exchange – Just another well-known method to get links… be sure to get links from related sites so that the value of the links are higher. Also consider if you abuse this method, Google is really smart and will figure it out, dropping your ranking.


4 Article Submissions – Create high-quality articles then submit them to article directories. Put your link below the article, and you’ll receive a backlink for every article published.


5 Link Baiting – Build good content that will spread fast, and most likely people will link to your site. Make use of your creativity and make your link bait now.


6 Social Bookmarking -Social bookmarking can help in driving traffic to your site and in giving you backlinks.


7 Sponsor local events and charities – ask for a link on their sponsors page!


8 Strike a deal with a local college or university alumni association to offer them discounts on your services – and of course ask to be listed on their alumni site. This could just get you a .edu link (worth a lot to Google!), not to mention extra business.