Does video fit in your business?

Does video fit in your business?These days options abound for creating videos, ranging from affordable professional clips to home made from your phone or digital camera.


Uploading to YouTube and embedding these clips onto your website are almost straight forward.
So the question is ‘does video fit in your business?’.


If you are looking for inspiration, here are some ideas for how video might be used on your website.


* Testimonials. Real clients saying real things about your service or product provide an air of credibility.


* Promotions. Tell your clients about what’s new in your products or services.


* Existing content, such as TV adverts, interviews and news items. Make the most of this valuable marketing material and put it on your site.


* Products. One of our clients shows his beautiful hand made swamp kauri guitars shimmering in the light.


* Introduction. Introducing your company to new clients.


* Education. Short how-to clips on how to use products are very popular.


* SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Yes you read that right. Your videos can even contribute to your SEO campaign through their keywords and descriptions you add when uploading them to YouTube.