Get Found On Google

Websites need Traffic and Conversions to be effective.


The measure of results is different for everyone. And each business gets a website for a slightly different reason. But typically websites for business owners are initially about credibility and professionalism. Providing a profile and level of content you can’t fit into a newspaper, business card or Yellow Pages advert.

Just being able to showcase your work with a simple gallery can give great results. We often have clients tell us stories of sales or contracts they simply wouldn’t have made without their Surefire website being there.




Traffic can come from traditional marketing avenues and putting your website address on anything that moves. We give our clients some advice on this through our Surefire blog and newsletters.
The other place traffic comes from is searches in search engines like Google. This is a huge topic in itself and we really focus on helping our client learn and put into action the basics. Ticking the boxes on the basics can have great results for your website.




Again different businesses have different expectations for the result they want from their website.
We make a point of knowing what you want from your website, and making your ‘calls to action’ clear. Sometimes customers need a clear path or instruction. So if you want phone calls, email contacts, purchases, your end client needs a clear ‘call to action’ to tell them.