Designer Sites

Not all websites are created equal. Your website should look good AND be effective.

We highly recommend a website custom designed and hand built by a specialist web designer. This is the most effective website you will get. Done properly a designer website will enhance and reinforce your brand. It will also clearly state ‘What you do’ and ‘Who you do it for’. These two seemingly obvious objectives of a website are so often missed!



Surefire Websites

We design websites to be an effective tool for your business.
All our websites are designed with the following objectives:

Who is your target market?

Your message is the most important thing. What do you want to convey and who do you want to convey it to?
We'll talk to you about what you want to achieve. It's not computer stuff, it's business stuff!

Reinforce your brand

Your website needs to fit with and build on your brand. The positioning of your website is really important when it comes to credibility and customer trust.
We are happy working with well established brands and interpreting them for the web. Or there are a number of ways we can help you if you have no brand at all.

Clean and Simple Content

It can't be said enough - "content is king".
The internet days of flash based websites and entry screens have largely passed. With the enormous growth of the total number of pages on the internet, and the importance and complexity involved with the search engines rankings, internet users are wanting to get to useful content - fast.
We focus on keeping our websites clean and simple, with content readily and easily accessible. Your message needs to be plainly obvious or your website will be one of many the user just shuts down before going to your competitor.