Your business website, for no money upfront

It’s really simple. There is no money up front with Surefire when you get a website.

We make life really easy for your business. You create and control your website content, and we take care of everything else you need for your website, all rolled into a nice simple monthly plan.


You don’t need to think about any of the technical stuff. You don’t receive nasty surprise support bills in the post. It’s all in our plan.


We provide on-going support and a point of contact for all your web needs well after your website is up and live. And then when the time comes we sit down and talk about redesigning or freshening up your site.



Existing website looking tired?

We can redesign your old tired website and you won’t have to pay out another big chunk of money. It’s amazing how redesigning and old site can reinvigorate your existing content, and suddenly your website is more effective.



Surefire Design is different

We want to make your life easy. Seriously we do.
‘No money up front’ means we don’t just sell you a website and say goodbye. We stay interested and involved. We are just as interested in the success of your site as you are.


Everything we do is designed to make life as simple and easy for our clients as possible, and provide you with
a quality website that does its' job.


This is our philosophy and it affects everything we do, from the design of our content editing system, to our
pricing structures with no money up front.


I know you hear every second business telling you that they are different. Well we REALLY are!
We know that as a business owner your primary focus isn't computers, or the internet, or websites.
So we have removed all the technical stuff.


  • We will talk to you about your business, not computers.
  • We promise to talk in language you understand.


We hear IT horror stories every day. We're different.
Put us to the test, contact us and ask how you can get a website today.

Pay no money upfront

You will get your business website for no money up front.
You pay only $100(+GST) a month and make your own changes easily.


- We take care of all the technical stuff.

- You get great on-going help and support.